December 2019

Artichectural 3D visualization

Arses animation studio provides services on architectural 3D visualization of real estate and building construction since 2007 and proves to be both effective and sustainable in the market of computer graphics, being capable of producing a superior product.We offer a huge selection of options for projects submission. It may be a conceptual presentation of the exterior, a conceptual presentation of interior or more canonical versions of presenting  architecture such as visualization of orthogonal projections: elevations, sections, three-dimensional plan, just photorealistic visualization, photorealistic 3D animations – all of these ways are great to display your project.Our services are architectural 3D rendering, architectural presentation, exterior visualization, interior visualization, 3D images, Flash presentations, interactive presentation, advertising, 3D design, developing 3D models, object 3D modeling, creating panoramas, Flash panoramas , the development of turnkey websites, 3D stereo.All these services are applicable to projects of various types, such as the planned residential complexes, residential homes, social and business centers, business centers, administrative office buildings, offices, retail and business complexes, living quarters and many other areas in the field of architecture and construction.Working together with us investors, marketing department, developer, builder, architect or the whole construction company will receive presentation material, which can be proudly presented at events such as international exhibitions and presentations.The concept of “Architectural 3D Visualization”Architectural 3D visualization is a direction in advertising aimed to help to present architectural objects for different target audiences.This includes printable advertising in various formats (from billboards to flyers), TV advertising in various formats (HD, FullHD, PAL, etc.), as well as interactive presentations on desktop computers as well as on Tablet PCs.Architectural visualization is also widely used for approval of projects at different levels.The advertised object is not necessarily required to be built, since it can only have drawings of architectural structures or sketches for us to use computer technology to create photorealistic images and animations.The building will look exactly as if it is already built.3D projects visualization for architects and designersEvery architectural studio or design company, a single architect or designer order 3D visualization, interior rendering, object visualization of furniture, facade renderings to present to their clients or to get an approval from authorities.High-quality architectural visualization will surely attract the attention of your customers to your product.An architect, designer, or an entire architectural firm needs to attract customers and nothing will draw clients’   attention more than high quality presentation materials of the project.Target areas of architectural 3D visualizationThe purpose of architectural 3D rendering is effective visualization, which allows to make the advertised object recognizable increasing trust and developing projects or creating an atmosphere and images around the desired building, a house, residential complexes, bridges, cities, interiors, neighborhoods, road junctions, conceptual projects and other architectural objects and more.Nowadays volumetric 3D modeling provides necessary progress on construction projects and real estate investing markets.Thanks to modern computer technology of an architectural 3D visualization architects, construction companies, advertising departments, developers and investors are able to be competitive in the sales market, leasing and real estate development.

Features of 3D architectural rendering

The process of creation of a three-dimensional animation clip is truly fascinating, with its difficulties, tricks and ways of displaying 3D video of the target audience.Architectural animation visualization requires different approach than the static architectural presentation.Making an architectural video we have to think precisely about every detail so we can eventually get a quality video clip.The first thing to do is to start with the definition of a movie storyline and script writing, which will unfold the action in the future 3D video presentation.Then you can proceed to the storyboard of the movie.Making a storyboard of a three-dimensional animated movie means drawing some of the key frames from the video. This step is necessary to determine the color of the video, composition solutions for some frames and other graphical components, which define atmosphere of a 3D movie.Once a storyboard is ready we proceed to another important stage – the creation of animatics.Animatic is a creation of simple objects in the scene of the future of architectural 3D movie.Then the virtual cameras are placed and exposed to light scenes.Three-dimensional cameras are animated, calculated (rendered), and eventually we get information on the movement of cameras and other animated objects in the movie.According to this we can compose shots  of an animation  into a clip, and, if necessary, introduce corrections into the prepared blank scenes.This may be an adjustment of camera movement or  and some changes in lightning in the three-dimensional scenes.Everything is done to create a quality product, which means convincing architectural animations.It is also worth noting, that in the case of a stereo video clip a big deal of attention is required to be paid to alignment and movement of virtual cameras. This is due to the technology has its own rules and to achieve the full effect of stereo technology we need to focus on its features.

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